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When planning our Bearathon project for 2017, two powerful thoughts collided in my mind. Bearathon’s motto “Making the world a better place, one teddy at a time” and the tagline of one of my dear friends: “No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” This year our focus at Bearathon will be on kindness to those around us. Combining two creeds, we have created a project that you will love being part of, and help to add a little joy to someone’s life.
Go on. Do a small kindness that will make a positive difference to the world.

How does Bearathon work?

It’s simple. It’s a toy drop.
You make/buy a toy. It doesn’t have to be a teddy, but hey, who doesn’t love a bear?
Package it, including the LABEL we provide.
Select a location to ‘lose’ the parcel.
Take a photo and send details of your drop ASAP to Bearathon via a private message.
We will post your photo anonymously on the Bearathon Facebook Page.
Keep an eye on the Bearathon Page to see whether the person who found drop checked in to claim it.

What are the rules? There are only a few.

1. Keep it clear.Clear Bag Use a clear ziplock baggie or tape up your parcel in clear plastic. Make sure the Bearathon label is visible. It is not a good idea to leave wrapped parcels in public places. It might rouse suspicion and do more harm than good. If your drop will be in the open, make sure that the baggie is waterproof in case it does not get picked up straight away.

2. Keep it anonymous.Anonymous

Don’t take a photo of your drop in such a way that the location can be easily identified. Do not include your name or any other contact details with the parcel. This is supposed to be a random act of kindness (RAK). Do make sure that you include the Bearathon label though. The person who finds treasure will be reassured if they can verify that it is a legitimate gift. This is especially important if your drop is intended for a child whose parents might feel the need to check.
3. Don’t include food.No Food Not a good idea. Especially if your drop is intended for a child. Just think about the poor parents (I would freak out if my child ate something they found), religious dietary restrictions, allergies and medical conditions, fear of drugs… If your drop is in the open, an animal might find it before a human does. An exception to the food rule can be made if your anonymous drop is for someone specific, i.e. you are dropping to a colleague’s inbox at work.
4. Be age appropriate.Age Appropriate If your drop is where a small child might find it, make sure that your gift is child safe. There are links to free patterns in the Bearathon FAQ section.

What is a good place to make my toy drop, and how do I do it? Visit our FAQ page for answers to this and many other questions.

Download the label to print here:
Bearathon Label English

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Free Patterns for teddy bears and softies HERE




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