Erika Pyjama Bear with Bunny Slippers and Kitten Teddy Bear Pattern

by Megan Wallace - Tin Soldiers


Erika is a 30cm (12 inch) teddy bear. She has a wobble jointed head, jointed arms and legs. Her pyjamas are incorporated in the body. If you are buying a kit, the pink fabric is hand dyed, with silver sparkles in the fur. Erika wears her bunny slippers, and hugs her bed time kitten. Pattern templates for all this this are included in the pattern, and if you are buying a kit, the materials are supplied.

Fabric: For Erika you will need 1/8m body colour furry fabric, 1/16m brown furry fabric for face and hands, 1/32m furry fabric for the bunny slippers. We used mohair, but synthetic fabric would work as well.
The kitten and bunny slipper ears are made from felt.
Paw pads: suede or felt in a complimentary colour.
Eyes: For Erika 9mm black glass eyes, for the kitten and the bunny slippers, use small beads..
Joints: For Erika 30mm discs with screws, and two split pins to make the wobble neck joint.

I used white fabric paint to make a little line around Erika's eyes. The pattern instructions explain how to do this. You can do it too, or leave it out.

Erika Teddy Bear Pattern by Megan Wallace

All the bits and pieces needed to make your Erika bear and her kitten.


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