Polymer Clay Noses

Learn to make polymer clay noses and claws for your teddy bears. The workshop includes basic polymer clay techniques for those who have never worked with clay. We will make various nose shapes in black and brown clay, and a set of claws. We will also experiment with texture and polishing a nose to give it a bit of shine. This workshop is not intended only for noses to use with teddy bears. You can use the same techniques to make polymer clay noses for other soft sculpture animals and needle felted animals.

When: Saturday 8 February 1pm till 4pm
Included in the workshop: notes, clay, teatime treats.
Cost: R 155.
Booking: Email Megan or call 083 305 5954
Homework: There is no homework for this workshop.

What to bring along: If you have a teddy bear's head that is stuffed and ready to receive a nose, bring it along! Also a square of cling wrap big enough to cover the bear's head. Noses work much better when they are made for a specific bear. If you don't have a bear, making a set of practise noses will give you an opportunity to work with polymer clay and get familiar with it. Some time in future you might find the perfect bear for the nose you will already have in your stash.

Tools: Workshop tools will be available to use in class. If you already have a set of clay tools, you are welcome to bring them along. Here are some basic tools that we use with polymer clay.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at this workshop!








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